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Best Shortcut Keyboards Ever!

Best Shortcuts, Macros, and Time savers for Pro Tools, Ableton, Reaper, Logic, Cubase, Audition, and ANYTHING / EVERYTHING ELSE!

The More you use your DAW the more muscle memory kicks in, you work faster and better. But if your pushing it, you start to pick up the short cuts.

You know the Control / Command / Windows / ALT / Option / Shift "somethings" that are so much faster than clicking though menus. Odds are, you will (or already have) either run into things that you wish had shortcuts; and/or have to many claw combos of shortcuts that are nice, but used just barely enough, so you don't always remember all of them.

THIS is where programmable keyboards RULE. Have a favorite go to filter, compressor, echo, and thing to remove noise or distort noise? Have more than one, more than 3?!?! I'm here to save you my fellow (or soon to be) shortcut Junkie!

Quickly here are three ways to DAW do nearly whatever you want with the press of ONE KEY:

1) Change, Add shortcut to your keyboard.

You can add (or change) your shortcuts with AutoHotKey. An amazing free program... and quite the day eater. Using combos not used, or hijacking ones that are, you can have your computer type, click, and navigate menus to functions in a blink of an eye.

I'm finishing up my scripts, and will post links to them, and updates here on my site... join the news letter if you want alerts.

2) Programmable Keyboards, controllers, and keyboards with extra programmable keys.

Keyboards form Corsair (like the K95 RGB shown), Razer, and others have extra keys that are fully programmable. Some of them allow you to completely change each and every key! Sure there are crazy expensive ones, but most are not to bad at all. You can have 104+ shortcut keys for as low as $50 bucks...

And Yes, I will update with details and links very soon.

3) Custom Keyboards that are fully programmable.

Yea, this SOUNDS so expensive.

But it's not. The programmable keyboard shown cost $20... Seriously! At that price I bought 3! One for the Home studio, one previously used at the station, and a spare.

Geeks will always find a way... So if you have not turned your inner geek to theses kinds of things, let my experience help you out. This can be easiest and while not free... It's cheaper than you would think, and the time saved... and organization it can Help You Keep... is Priceless.

Yea, I'm knida teasing here... Sorry. But I've got to get my site revamped, and neeeeew demos up! I've been adding and adding to my shortcuts, now finally I have time to post the details... soon... so very soon!

Links, walkthoughs, scripts, details, soon... I promise. Join the newsletter for updates, or do me the solid and comeback for more. Remember you can always contact me with questions, ideas, or just talk... Cause yea, I love this stuff too.


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