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After having the privilege of 19.5 years at CBS Radio / Entercom Detroit... It's time to walk a new path...

That ball of fire in the sky is strange...

...and stranger still, tonight I'm not staying up late working on the next contests, plus all the imaging I for our strange times I was in the middle of... The scripts I was writing for this weekend and next week... all left uncomfortably... undone.

Ummm, what to do with all the equipment I personally bought in duplicate. Second versions of split keyboards, shortcut keyboards, two Apollo Twins I saved and saved for, not wanting to break one traveling back and fourth and back and fourth, and duplicate drives so data couldn't be lost in transit.

Now... starting the "Next"... Reworking the website I had not payed enough attention to... Integrating some of the doubles into my home studio, and figuring what to do the remainder. Reaching out to friends, reconnecting with radio peeps.... and... MAKING DEMOS.

Oh yea, and finally... pimping myself for the first time, in a very very long time.

I'll post pictures of the rewiring and rebuilding of my home digs, maybe an evolution of the home and my former work studios over the years, lots of demos... and hopefully it can entertain... and help with the pimpage.

To my former coworkers, thanks for the ride, I wish you the best... when we can, lets toast to the good times... I look forward to that. And I'm looking forward to the "Next"...

Thoughts, conversations, and opportunities encouraged.

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